CAIG Certified



Respiratory therapy is presented and practiced by only qualified California Licensed Respiratory Care Practitioners in which the following services are provided:

  • Bronchodilater Medication Therapy
  • Control of Respiratory Infections
  • Maintenance of Clear Airways

                   a.  Aerosol Therapy                                          

                          b.  Assisted Ventilation

                          c.  Postural Drainage and Percussion

  • Correction of Ineffective Ventilation

                           a.  Ventilatory Exercises

  • Improvement in Ambulation

                           a.  Graded Walking Exercises (with or without Oxygen)

                           b.   Physical Conditioning Exercises

Recently, our company has added sleep study services to assist our doctors in the diagnosis of sleep apnea or other sleep abnormalities.  This service is provided on a referral basis from your primary care physician.





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